English Proverbs and Their explanations

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"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
If you eat an apple per day, you will be so healthy that you won't ever need any medical treatment and that doctors won't have to look after you, at all. This proverb, which is used in several languages, refers to the positive effect of this type of fruit on the human body. Moreover, apples come with the following advantages:
Apples contain the most important ingredients human beings need for living and are therefore the best wholemeal food imaginable. There represent the best fitness food whatsoever.
They are sour enough to be of a positive effect on the human body, but not so sour that we have to force ourselves to eat them.
Apples come in different colours - red, grenn, yellow - and thus help us to to follow the general rule to eat muticoloured food.
Apples are easily available and grow in many regions of the world.
Apples belong to the cheaper fruits and are therefore affordable for everyone.
Apples are easily consumable: You don't need any special technique nor any special tools. You don't even have to peel them. They are eatable at once, "from your hand", can even be eaten in public without any attention being aroused. Thus, they represent the best "fast food" which exists.
Last but not least, when combined with other food, apples go with sweet and savoury dishes. So they are nicely versatile.
The conclusion is that apples belong to the best food we can ever eat. This is the very meaning of the proverb. If only we made better and more regular use of them!

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."
If you go to bed early, i.e. (well) before midnight, you will lead a healthy and efficient life.
Your life will be healthy because the sleep you get before midnight is the best, people say. As a consequence, you will be able to get up early the next morning because you will be fitter than you would be if you went to bed later.
You will be wealthy, i.e. rich, in the long run because if you get up early in the morning, you can start working while others are still asleep. So you will have an advantage as far as competition with them is concerned.
You will be wise, i.e. have some insight into the "laws of life", because you will be more sensitive about the world around you.
"If ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise."
This proverb aims at the necessity of acquiring as much knowledge as possible. This message is, however, not expressed directly, but ex negativo, i.e. implicitly, indirectly. In detail, this means:
- Not knowing anything may, in theory, be considered as the way towards happiness.
- Only if ignorance is the way towards happiness, then gaining a lot of knowledge - being wise - is anything but sensible.
- However, ignorance can never be bliss, i.e. having little or no knowledge can never makem people really happy.
Thus, being wise, i.e. gaining a lot of knowledge, is the only way towards happiness (= bliss).

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